The Guild Page of the Tenebrous Cabal

This is the official page to The Tenebrous Cabal.
This WoW guild functions on the Sen'jin server.

The Tenebrous Cabal:   who are we?  what does the name mean?

The Tenebrous Cabal defined as an obscure, secretive group of conspirators/plotters that seek power through dark intrigue and possibly of using some harmful or illegal (by Alliance faction standards) action.

We, the Blackmoorians, have transcended the dark portal arriving from the Allerian & Thrall realms. We have been formed anew with the natives here in the Sen;jin realm to form the Tenebrous Cabal.  Our focus is to subvert the establish way of guild life and to conquer the boring grind to 60 and the endless raiding cycle that leads to drama.

We are looking for respectable persons who play the game for what it is:  to have fun and enjoy killing game mobs or the Alliance along the way. We are currently accepting all levels, races, classes, etc. and most likely continue with such policy as we always like seeing new faces. We want you to play your character your way.  We have no nor intend to apply policy to force you to choose your talents one way or the other.

The guild leadership are transferees from the Alleria & Thrall realms. This means we have experienced players, carried our wealth (as in 60s, 300 skill level professions, etc.) with us, have established guild rules that have been tested, been in the end game instances, etc.


Satyr and Griminus welcome you!

Guild Creed

This guild caters to the PVE game, the 60 level grind to end game content.
We promote a friendly, respectable environment.
We help others within or outside the guild.

Guild Creed      Guild Structure

Membership Application        Guild Raid Rules

This web page is nothing but a portal to us.
The forum sites (below) allow for a more in depth look at the guild.

Guild Forums

We discuss many things at this forum:  guild specific, game related, and non-game related material.  Membership application can be found at the forums as well.

Click on the link below.

Cabal Forum

Experimental Section

This section is purely experimental.
We have a photogallery and a chatroom is trial basis here.
Preview and enjoy

Guild Chatroom                     Photo Gallery


Guild Ranks

Like any guild, there are ranks and privileges.  This listing gives a brief idea of those settings.  More in depth information can be found at this link Guild Structure

Factol - Guild Master - Full guild control - vote count of 4
Factol Shade - Satyr's Alternate Characters, thus same rank benefits as Guild Master
Officier - 1st rank - Unique Title or The Fated - Most of the guild functions, except promote/demote & edit public notes.   Vote count of 2.
Officier - 2nd rank - Warlord - Most of the guild functions, except promote/demote & edit public notes.  Vote count of 1.
Veteran - 1st rank - Warmonger - Can participate in officier discussions and view their notes.  Cannot vote on important matters (this rank or lower), but can participate in discussions.
Veteran - 2nd rank -  Disciple -  Can only listen to officier chats.  Promotion to higher ranks depends on Officier votes.  Can run guild sanctioned raids.
Member - Signer -  Your one of us.  You've signed your life away now.
Initiate - Petitioner - Just gain levels.  Trial period to see if you fit with us.
The Mazes - AFK players for 1 month or more.  Subject to guild removal.

Current Leadership

Factol - Satyrlord, Tauren Hunter - Miner/Swordsmith
Factol Shades - (High Mage) - Wighte, Undead Mage - Enchanter/Tailor
- (Arch Weremaster) - Howling, Tauren Druid - Skinner/Tribal Leatherworker
- (Ghuldan, originally) - Lankhmar, Orc Warlock - Miner/Goblin Engineer
- Zulemonji, Troll Shaman - Dragon Leatherworker/Gnome Engineer
- Vilemancer, Undead Priest - Herbal/Alchemist
1st Officer (Lord Warlock) - Griminus, Undead Warlock - Skinner/Tailor

Created Nov 2006 on Sen'jin

This will be updated as necessary. Good Gaming.

Guild History
Blackmoorians of Alleria at peak - 90 members, MC progression
Tenebrous Cabal on Thrall at peak - 255 members, ZG progression

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