Guild Membership Creed

This is a "living" document.  Input is highly valued.  Suggestions will be reviewed and applied accordingly.

These are the guidelines for membership.  Please note our intentions and your personal preferences.  If they match up, please join us.
If you have a problem with them and join us anyways, may be removed.
Your membership means you understand these guidelines will attempt to abide by them.

The goal for our guild is simply to compete against the game and not with each other. The guild helps the guild progress in the game becase the content requires teamwork and coordination. What is best for the guild as a whole will not always be what is best for the individual.

We are a PVE guild.  This means our official events will focus on the WoW bosses, dungeon instances, and the overall WoW storyline.  As for any player, we stride to achieve end-game content.  To effectively function as a guild to do MC, BWL, etc, we will need players to know to how to play their main characters.  To know how to play well enough, the struggle to achieving level 60 is necessary.  We will “assist” (not “babysit”) players though to get to 60, but the sole responsibility to achieve 60 is the player.

We do not on randomly attacking Alliance land w/o a good reason (loot, quests, etc.). We are not a PvP guild.  However, we do not discourage our players from entering duels or Battle Grounds combat.   We understand the rewards for doing PVP such as cheap and effective epics from Alterac Valley (having exalted rep status).

Our guild is composed primary of adults who enjoy online gaming on a more casual basis.   We do have players though of different age groups (youth to adult), gaming experience (first time players to veterans), and dedication levels (casual to hard core) to this game.  It is a temporary escape from the stress of real life. When at all possible, we hope to avoid the drama and discouragement that can be a part of online gaming when the player base loses a sense of respect for each other.

Our Expectations
1.  Everyone knows how to play their class and specialization without having to be told what to do by an officer.
2.  Discussions about strategy whether we win or loose should be part of the fun.
3.  Loot is a fun reward for accomplishments and not a source of disagreement and negative feelings.

Prime Rules
Use respectable content and language in public channels.
Be cool to each other.

Code of Conduct Outline to Explain the Prime Rules
Here are some guidelines on how the members of our guild are expected to handle themselves in the World of WarCraft so that everyone can get as much enjoyment out of the game as possible.

1.  Fun
The guild structure, policies, rules, regulations, guides, officers, etc. are designed to provide maximum fun for the members of our guild.  Please let us know (in private) when something detracts from your enjoyment of the game.

2.  Reputation
We want to uphold the best possible reputation on our server and even across servers. Before you say or do something, ask youself, “How will this effect the reputation of the guild?”. Strive to be an example to your fellow players. Offer assistance when assistance is needed.

3.  Loot (also see Raid Rules section)
In any guild event or normal group formed entirely of guildmates, loot should be awarded based on need before greed.  Where two or more players need the same item, then simply do a “/rand 100” for the item.  Never jump in front of another player or group who is working towards a chest or tradeskill object (ex. silver vein).  Please do not use public channels to discuss disagreements about loot, instead go to whispers or PMs.  “Ninja” looting is obsolutely prohibited.  “Ninja” looting means to grab treasure from another player while they were intent to take but got caught up with WoW mobs (got stuck in combat).

4.  Language
Always use language and subject content that is respectful of the other people in the channel.  What’s cool for your age group may not be so for another.  Remember that you wear the guild tag under your name and our reputation is paramount.  Please treat other people with respect in all channels including General, Guild, Party, Roger Wilco, Teamspeak, Vent., etc.

5.  Raids (also see Raid Rules Section)
Pay careful attention to the raid leaders instruction and do as you’re asked as quickly as you can. If you have questions during the raid, ask your group first. If no one in your group knows, send whispers to someone else in the raid. Do not use raid channels(s) to ask questions or use the raid channel(s) with unnecessary chatter. Learn to use macros, hot buttons, and keyboard shortcuts. Do not speak in public channels (ex. General) during raids. Let the raid leaders handle communication with other guilds and players not participating in the raid. If you disagree with a loot decision or have any comments about awards made please use a PM on the boards. Do not make comments in the raid, group, or guild channels and take away the thrill for the person receiving the loot. Be happy for the guildmate who received the award. Your time will come.

6.  Criticism
Be constructive, especially with criticism.  Alot of "yelling", naming calling, "!!!!", and what not are bad form.  It doesn't prove anything or do anything.  Its reactionary.  Understand that typed messages lose its effect to communicate feelings.  You cannot see their face or hear their voice.  If you think your getting a "bad" feeling about a message, don't assume anything.  Ask the person on the intent of the message.

7.  Disagreements
Resolve problems with other players in private. Use officers to help arbitrate, but remember that officers are playing this game for enjoyment, too, so be respectful of their time. Never critize or chastise other players in public channels. Please use the message boards (PMs) for resolving problems and not ingame whispers/tells.

8.  Asking for help
Help those within the guild and outside the guild when and if you can.  If you are asking for assistance, do not expect help.  Please ask for it, but do not be angry with others if they can't.  Setup a time and place rather than take hard feelings.  There will be guild holidays to help those grinding to 60 and, of course, sanctioned guild raids.

9.  Trade Skills, Items, Money, Enchantments
Members are encouraged to develop their trade skills.  This helps both the guild and the server economy.  However, do not over charge guilders for items or services.  Things should be discounted if not free.  Use good sense.  Do not beg for items, money, mats, or enchantments.  Begging is not tolerated.

Thank you for taking the time to read these guidelines.  The intent of these topics is not their literal meaning, but a subjective one.

Game hard and die well.

The Satyr