How To Become a Member of the Guild
Got invited? Your guild is bust? Trying to merge with us? Or merely curious?

1.  Read the Guild Membership Creed. If you do not agree to follow this code, then this is not the right guild for you! Please review it carefully, and make sure that you truly believe you can play by our Creed at all times.

2.  Read our Raid Rules section.

3.  Read our Rank system section.

So far so good then if you like what you see (or potentially see) and accept our terms.

Next this is purely optional, but helpful!  Register on our forum site (Gawdz forum) using the player name of your main character and post an introduction.

Include the following in your introduction:

Character(s) for membership application:

Been in other guilds or have alts in other guilds:

Casual or Hard Core:

Age: <20, 20 - 30, 30+

Prefer PVE or PVP content:

Highest Level Obtained:

Instances visited with any character:


The Satyr