Guild Rank System

This is a "living" document.  Input is highly valued.  Suggestions will be reviewed and applied accordingly.

Guild Rankings….

Normal Guild Rank Title
1.  Guild Master
2.  Officer 1st Rank
3.  Officier 2nd Rank
4.  Veteran 1st Rank
5.  Vetrean 2nd Rank
6.  Member
7.  Initiate
8.  Special
Member Signer
Initiate Petitioner
Other Guild Bank
Other The Mazes

Our Guild Rank Titles
1.  Factol & Factol Shade
2.  The Fated
3.  Warlord
4.  Warmonger
5.  Disciple
6.  Signer
7.  Petitioner
8.  Guild Bank & The Mazes

Ok….what do the ranks mean to me and how do you move up….

Factol – Responsibilities – Full Guild Control - Guild management, guild alliance formalities, final arbiter, etc.  I must die or quit the guild to lose this position.  Should be the beacon of conduct to which all is measure (but even I can have an off day or moment).  Vote count of 4.
Factol Shade - Are just Satyr's Alts.

The Fated – Responsibilities – Assist with Factol duties.  Full guild control (except promote/demote, edit public notes), but should comment to others and to the factol on adjustments.  Must be selected and voted in.  One can be voted out.  On conduct, put on higher standards…defend the rules to their intent…not literal meaning.  Vote count of 2.  Access to officer section of forums.

Warlord - Same as The Fated.  Vote count 1.

Warmonger – Responsibilities – Non-officier guild functions (no demote/promote, no guild invites, no officier forum section). Can participate in officier discussions and view their notes.  Cannot vote on important matters (this rank or lower), but can participate in discussions. Must be selected by a Fated member+ and have general concensus of warmonger+ rank to move here.  You can run guild sanctioned events.  You have shown repetitive support for the creed.  Vote count of 0, but your opinions carry weight on issues brought to the general membership.

Disciple - Same as Warmonger, except...can only listen to officier chats and cannot see their notes.  Promotion to higher ranks depends on Officier votes.

Signer – Responsibilities – Have fun and enjoy the game.  You were promoted because we have felt you’re a good fit to our way of things.  You have accepted the creed and act accordingly.  You are those who pass a trial period and should be able to hold their head high being fully accepted.  Access to membership section of forums.

Petitioner – Responsibilities – Have fun and enjoy the game.  You’re trying us out as a guild and we are viewing how you interact with us.  You are gaming with us and want to join the ranks.  You must past a trial period and at least 2 - 3 runs in instance dungeons to see what they do under stress and work with the rest of the group.  You have examined the creed.  Access to public portion of forums only (maybe waved).

Special Ranks:
Guild Bank – Obviously alternate characters of an officer with sole purpose to hold high end materials, recipes, items, etc.

The Mazes – When a player has decided to stop playing for a while and has notified the guild leadership.  Their characters are moved here without fear of deletion from the guild.  Generally within a few months of inactivity, a character will be removed if the guild leadership was not notified of the absence.

Generally for rank advancement, we primarily look for select things:
1. Participation on raids, guild events, or general support of others.
2. Participation on website forums
3. Your adherance to the creed (guild conduct rules)
4. Skill of play
5. Time spent with us
6. Loyalty

We will not base rank on DKP or level requirements or class or class talent selection.

We can add or changes things somewhat as time marches on.  For example, if a significant portion of the members PVP, maybe have a PVP leader.  For more raid content, maybe have designated raid leader.

You have constructive ideas or suggestions, please post or message me about them.  If its too long, then email me.

Game hard and die well.

The Satyr