Online gaming has started to become a more prominent form of gaming style.  Especially with "gamers" growing older and moving to isolated areas of the world.  The online gaming takes many forms: PBEM, IRC chats, list groups, etc.  Each has its own flavor, pros and cons.  Listed below are a few links to good support websites to further your experince.

OpenRPG - Open Source Roleplaying Site - Free Online RPG Software

GRIP - Cheap Online RPG Software - Comes equipped with game scheduler.

RPGRegistry - A registry of players, DMs, and games.  Check it out!

Much of my SciFi gaming online is centered around the use of the pre-d20 system of Alternity.  Though currently nonsupported by Wizards of the Coast, the fan base is plentiful and vibrant.  Please check out for more information.  I am quite active in their forum section -- games particularly.  These are some of the characters I currently run (or have run):

Rubiks'Nox the Dark Templar, Protoss (dead version) (Sav's)
Rubiks'Nox the Dragoon, Sentient Protoss Robot (Sav's)
Elvanshalee Noquar, Zerg Mutant Ghost (Sav's)
Sabyr, Cat-like Robot (Sav's)
Zul'monji Urik-rabi, "Wolfman" (TMT)
Arthas Thrall, Psychic Doctor (TMT)
Ghul'dan Urik, Weren Firebat
Roanoke Obliete, Goblyn "Alchemist" (Magi & Mutants)
DDr. Iggwilv Inverness, Combat Medic (Starcraft)
Frau Kinder Von Weissenberg (Underworld)
Jazpharaoh Warcraftus (Gamma World)

Soon I shall begin working on my own online game emtilted, Fields of the Fallen.  A war ravaged setting using the d20 D&D rules based on a variety of "Gamma World" like settings and ideas.  Such as Dark Sun, Gamma World, Thundarr the Barbarian, etc.

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