Fields of the Fallen
This was my Fantasy Setting proposal to Wizards of the Coast back in 2002 during their contest for $100,000.00.  It is basically a meld of science-fiction and fantasy.  My campaign is basically designed around Dark Sun.  However, I have mixed in themes and ideas from other sources such as "Mad Max" movies, Thundarr the Barbarina cartoon, Planet of the Apes movies, Dragonriders of Pern book series, Gamma World, and such related ideas.

1. Core Ethos Sentence – Fields of the Fallen is concerned with a post apocalyptic era where heroes experience the rebirth of a mutating world through the birth of magic and rediscover their scarred heritage by uncovering lost technologies.

2. Who are the heroes? – The initial setting focuses on a group of outcastes, primarily due to ignorant fear of others, whom must band together for more than mere safety’s sake.
    a. Drax-Nickel – A cyborg with an intermittent memory problems and     links to the recent bygone age.
    b. Europa – A dedicated, self-taught female channeler in technomancy with a grudge against the machine.
    c. Shokcothar – An aged soldier who survived the event of the apocalypse primarily from his biomechanical mutations.

3. What do they do? – After overcoming some fundament moral differences, the trio must rally other nomadic people to stand together to avoid being another set of casualties to the growing dangers of the world going through rebirth.  This rebirth has changed the environment and climate drastically altogether redefining life, which threatens the existence of the past dominate species.  Through a series of adventures and possible missteps, they learn about the final days of the apocalypse, rediscover lost technologies, and learn more about the new laws of “meta”-physics and nature which apply.  They do all of this to prevent a certain disaster.

4. Threats, conflicts, villains – A secondary threat comes from political tensions which still exist between the semi-nomadic bands of peoples cut along political/ethnic lines from the past era.  To co-exist with this, phobic apprehension about the new laws of nature and past technologies further hamper the heroes.  The immediate primary threat comes from a biomechanical cyst controlled by a deranged AI.  This machine feels that its last orders were not fulfilled.  These so happen to be lost to it.  So it has decided to reinvent itself and others in a manner of its own kind.

5. Nature of magic – The nature of magic takes on three disciplines – the body, the spirit, and the land.  The discipline of the body is primarily psionics and astral energies.  The spirit branch deals with shamanism since no gods but generic ethos exist.  The practitioners of the land branch are specialized sorcerers who channel geomancy-like might.  Abundancy of magic is a problem.  Learning the talent is difficult since these aforementioned disciplines are not established.  If a master of any branch does exist, the ignorant fear of the common people keep them in hiding.

6. What’s new?  What’s different? – Unlike other post apocalyptic settings like Dark Sun or Gamma World, the time frame of this setting sets it apart from other campaigns.  The time is a few decades after the horrific event, so it is still remembered by a few and “civilization” is still in the brink of extinction.  Also with the fluctuations of the laws of physics, magic and nature, the environment remains unstable.  Limbo on Earth.

7. Entrant - "greybeard",

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