This is the Internet Police!

You have been turned in by an informant for spending too much time on the internet!

Please step away from the keyboard and put your hands in the air!

Don't try any thing funny!

I said hands away from the keyboard! Don't try to save anything...

Don't give me that line about turning off the power mister! I hear that one every day!

Don't make us pull the plug!


You have the right to speak out,

(When was the last time you spoke to a human being?)

You have the right to some fresh air,

(It does come in other scents besides cubicle!)

You have the right to mingle with family and friends,

(Forgotten what they look like?)

You have the right to move around freely,

(You see those two appendages down there? They are for walking!)

Do you understand these rights as I have explained them to you?

(Or do we need to break some fingers?)



....Warn Your Friends!!!....
They may be next!

For entertainment purposes only!

We now have this many offenders in our custody:

Cin City